Minor Blues Scale Exercise - Triplet Eighths

Now let’s take it up a step and introduce the minor blues scale over the top in your right hand. It will also help with coordination, and eventually make improvising with the scale much easier.

We’re going to start of with triplets. If you don’t know already, a triplet is when you play three notes in the same time as two. So a normal quarter/crotchet note is split into two eighths/quavers. A triplet makes it so there are three eighths/quavers played for every one quarter note. 

If you don’t read music notation, you can think about it like the main beat is getting split into thirds. Like this:

1    - 2   - 3   - 4

123 - 123 - 123 - 123

Another way to think about it is by saying TRI – PER - LAT

(I know it's spelt "triplet", this is just for vocalising the word into three parts)

You can then apply this triplet rhythm to the two C minor Blues scale (2 octaves) and play it over the left hand chord progression, which creates a great sounding exercise. Here it is:

C Minor Blues Scale Exercise - Triplet Eighths (Basic Chords).pdf
Slow Blues in C Minor Blues Scale Exercise - Triplet Eighths (Basic Chords) - Note Names.pdf
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